Side mounted Centrally Installed Switchgear
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The paper:

RZ3-12 Centrally Installed Switchgear  is the new products with independent R&D by BRK company which BRK company absorbed the advanced manufacturing technology at home and abroad, the switchgear has every  functional of  Air insulated switchgear and can replace them.

The Vacuum circuit breaker was push in front the gear and lateral movement in gear, the working state of breaker and earthing switch were appeared by the observation window on front of gear.  They have uniform size with different rated current of RZ3-12 Centrally Installed Switchgear from 630A to 4000A.

The structure of switchgear has the advantages high structural strength, the sensible distribution of element of switchgear, and the switchgear had the complate solution for engineering application, the switchgear has strong expansibility, they were an ideal new type of power distribution equipment when the switchgear was used with RV3 vacuum circuit breaker.